Integrated Management Systems

Integrated Management Systems

An integrated system testifies the commitment of the organization towards a more attentive management regarding the reduction of the costs and times. A unique management system foreseen the simplification of the documents and its continuous monitoring. It is essential to perform a complete approach: Environment and Quality in order to carry out a management system that provides the right answers to the exigencies of defense of Security and Health.

Integrated management provides a clear picture of all aspects of your organization, how they affect each other and their associated risks. It also means less duplication and makes it easier to adopt new systems in the future.

An integrated management system is aimed at organizations with a single management system which incorporate two or more management system standards (for example, ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management). Any system, which is required by the effective running of a business, can be integrated either totally or partially under a unified management structure. In essence any system, which has an impact on overall business performance, should be part of the integrated management system.

Traditionally, organizations have focused on establishing management systems that demonstrate compliance with each requirement individually, often in isolation from each other and sometimes even in conflict. In a perfect world, you should have one system that runs your organization and addresses all of your objectives at once, whatever they may be.

Why should management systems be integrated?
  • Ensure focus on business goals & objectives
  • Harmonise and optimise practices
  • Reduce risks to the business and increase profitability
  • Balance conflicting objectives
  • Eliminate conflicting responsibilities and relationships
  • Create consistency
  • Reduce duplication and therefore costs
  • Improve communications
  • Facilitate training and development/li>

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