ISO 45001:2018

ISO 45001:2018 Certification

Statistics shows that death toll increases day by day in whichlot of lives lost are attributed to accidents or illness as a result of work activities. Several working activities has resulted in the death of many and this situation of death due to work activities has to be prevented or totally eradicated. No employer or business owner wants any of his employee to get hurt while carrying out assigned duties, a better place of work with increased productivity is what every business owner wants. In a bid to make all these and many other things possible, an international standard was set to regulate and give requirements for the management of occupational health and safety (OH&S) across all organizations. This international standard is called ISO 45001

ISO 45001 is a new standard for occupational health and safety (OH&S), designed with the aim to drastically reduce and possibly eradicate diseases, injuries and death associated with work activities. ISO 45001 makes it possible for organizations to properly integrate the health and safety of their workers. This safety oriented standard was designed so that it can be applicable to all form of organizations regardless of the kind of business they run.

Benefits of ISO 45001 certification

In a bid to have a safer work environment and reduce death rate associated with working activities, ISO 45001 was developed. ISO 45001would help an organization establish an effective OH&S management system and optimize job performance by:

• Developing and implementing OH&S objectives and also policies that would help the organization achieve its health and safety objectives.
• Allowing easy identifications of hazards and risks related to the organization’s job.
• Giving opportunity to fully eradicated or drastically reduce the effect of these hazards

• Implementing an operational control that would help manage the health and safety of the organization
• Improving the safety of the organization’s workers
• Establishing a platform of that attracts low insurance premiums
• Creating consistency throughout the organization
• Reducing the rate and overall costs of hazardous incidents associated with the organization’s work.
• Improving the ability of the organization to respond to regulatory compliance issues.

Our expertise in ISO 45001 certification

CDG certification is an India based leading firm engaged in rendering certification and audit services to organizations. CDG is an accredited company with the approval of issuing the unique ISO 45001 certification to any organization in India. ISO 45001 certification issued by CDG is well-recognized in the international market as CDG is known for integrity and not compromise. Before giving the certification, CDG would make an inspection to the organization’s work place to check the conditions of things in the work environment. Basically, CDG would come to inspect if the organization’s activities are in line with ensuring the total safety of its workers. This is really a criteria that is considered by CDG before issuing ISO 45001 certification. Also, if an organization fails to meet the minimum requirement for CDG to issue the certification, CDG would help them with making necessary adjustments so as to meet up with the requirement.

The benefits of implementing ISO 45001 in an organization is quite enormous. It is all linked to better performance and high return on investment of the organizations. It is therefore important that companies or organizations should implement this new international standard.