Halal Certification

What is Halal Certification?

Halal is a word in the Arabic language that means permitted or lawful. As for Halal certification, it is the process whereby qualities and features of various products are gauged in accordance to the rules and guidelines put in place by the Islamic Council. It is symbolized by the use of the mark of “Halal”. It generally means free from any prohibited substance that the Muslims are advised from taking by the set laws.

The main field of certification is in the food category. The main food product monitored by Halal is meat as Islam laws clearly states on the processes to be followed while slaughtering an animal. Islam has a culture that focuses on where the food came from and how it was prepared before reaching to them. Since everybody can ascertain this by themselves, then the need of a certification body.

Benefits of Halal Certification

Halal certification benefits not only the Muslims but also the Non-Muslims. Its benefits are clear and precise. Listed below are the benefits:

1. It acts as a confirmation to all the Muslims that the food product they are consuming is Halal, that is, it is acceptable and is in accordance to the Muslim’s laws. It is by law that Muslims should consume only what is allowed by the set laws.

2. It also assures the customers of the hygiene level of the food product. For a product to attain a Halal label, it must show a high notch level of hygiene and hence fit for human consumption. This leads to healthy products that don’t alter one’s health. This is because Islamic laws call for a high hygiene in the food preparation and serving.

3. It helps the manufacturers of the food products by indirectly marketing their products. This is whereby it widens the scope of customers by attracting both the Muslim and Non-Muslim customers. As for the Halal certified products, they are able to sell more to the huge Islam population in the world.

4. It opens a market for both the exported and imported goods. This is whereby it assures the Halal customers in foreign countries of the genuine of the products. For the exporters it opens a wide market to the Halal customers abroad and also Halal imported goods are widely accepted and consumed locally.

Our Expertise in Halal Certification

We provide Halal Certification on various products through various organizations. We are skilled on doing this to ensure that the products being certified meet the standards. We are a certified branch of Halal certification and therefore we offer Halal certification for both retail and wholesale products.

For us to approve a product, it must display a high level of hygiene. It must also not contain components that are harmful to consumers. We carry out a thorough vetting process on products before the can get our certification so as to ensure that what gets into the market is fit for Halal consumers.

If you wish your product to be certified by us, visit our branch for product vetting. You can also contact us for more information.